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Agricultural Job Satisfaction Survey


Agricultural Labor

Positive Labor Tools and Resources
to improve farmworker well-being and address labor challenges

Agricultural Job
Satisfaction Survey

What the survey
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Address labor related challenges to the benefit of both vineyard employers and farmworkers through the promotion of equitable labor practices.

UCCE Napa is collaborating with the Napa Valley Farmworker Foundation to encourage the use of a job satisfaction tool for identifying farmworker concerns to aid the targeting of positive labor strategies that are beneficial for farmworker well-being and company outcomes.

Agricultural Job Satisfaction Survey (AJSS) Tool

Agricultural Job Satisfaction Survey (AJSS) Tool

The AJSS is a 30-statement questionnaire measuring job satisfaction in 10 areas of the work environment for use with workers in any agricultural job role. The survey takes a minimum of 10 minutes to complete.


High job satisfaction scores are related to better company outcomes such as reduced turnover, higher productivity, and lower absenteeism. AJSS scores identify where employees are (dis)satisfied so that managers can implement targeted strategies to boost satisfaction. An information leaflet for managers can be found here

The UCCE Napa and Farmworker Foundation team is available to personally help employers use the AJSS with their workers. This can include a bi-lingual staff member to collect responses and the results will be provided in a report. This service is free for 2023. Contact Malcolm Hobbs at: 

Download the AJSS



(for self-delivery & scoring)


What can AJSS tell us

What can the AJSS tell us?

Scores are calculated in10 areas of the work environment:


Fringe benefits

Nature of agricultural work


Company communication

Ability to combine job with family commitments

Promotional opportunities,

Contingent rewards,


Health consequences of work

Dissatisfactory areas can be targeted with positive labor strategies to boost satisfaction. Determine suitable strategies using the educational resources below and/or follow-up the AJSS with further consultations with workers.

Average farmworker satisfaction in Napa 2018 

Educatioanl Resources

Educational Resources

Watch this video for an introduction on the importance of farmworker job satisfaction and positive labor strategies

2021 NVG Seminar: Sustainable Vineyard Practices: Maintaining a Stable Workforce

Summaries of key conclusions from our projects

Select Data Highlights

Graphs of % workers satisfied with pay levels in Napa County 2022
(click to enlarge)

2022 Napa County Farmworker Wage Satisfaction

1. Specialist Workers

2. Permanent Laborers

3. Seasonal Laborers

Below are the minimum pay levels most farmworkers found satisfactory and the levels at which satisfaction was highest. These are recommended to reduce turnover, keep employees motivated, and promote the financial security of farmworkers. In 2023, these values should be adjusted for inflation.

Specialists Workers (irrigators, tractor drivers, crew leaders):

Minimum recommended: $22.50/hour
Highest satisfaction at $24 to $28.00/hour

Permanent and Seasonal Laborers:

Minimum recommended: $19.50/hour
Highest Satisfaction: $20 to $20.50/hour

All Employees:

Farmworkers are satisfied when offered structured pay scales where workers earn progressively higher pay based on seniority or experience, independent of inflation.


Positive Labor Strategies for Boosting Job Satisfaction



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5. Positive labor strategies for California Farmworkers. California Institute for Rural Studies factsheets 2008. Download

6. Labor management in agriculture. 2003. UC ANR Publication 3417. In-depth textbook on all aspects of farmworker personnel management. Download

Useful Links

Useful Links

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